The Transformation of the Republic

by C. T. Wilcox

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"I am a firm believer in the people.
If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.
The great point is to bring them the real facts."

Abraham Lincoln

This letter was from a concerned citizen to Presidential Candidate, Abraham Lincoln, in 1860 just before his election, to warn him to be on the lookout for those who would want to do him serious harm. Other officials had already been murdered or suffered injury; this citizen had good reason to write his letter.

Read his warning to Mr. Lincoln.

The Transformation of the Republic:

The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

by author and actor, C.T. Wilcox

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The people of the United States have been robbed of their own history. This is the worst kind of theft.

America – A People’s History
The Saga of Humanity’s Struggle for Political Freedom

America was born, not on July 4th but was conceived on July 4th . . . America was born as a fully formed nation on April 30th, 1789. On that day, for the first time, America had a Constitution, a House of Representatives and a President together. It was the birth of the United States as a fully formed, constituted nation. On that day, the government, the House, the Senate and the President all gathered in the Capital together, it was the Inauguration of George Washington. It was the nation‘s Dedication Day. Now often in the Bible, the threshold of a new beginning gives promises and warnings and prophetic truths: Moses at the Jordan River, Solomon at the dedication of the Temple. So after being sworn in, Washington, a devout Baptist, went inside the Capitol Building, then located in Lower Manhattan, and issued the first Presidential address. The first Presidential words were short and in the middle of it was a prophetic warning. He said this:

“We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and the right which heaven itself has ordained.”

The warning was, [that] America‘s future blessing, as with Israel, will hang on its relationship to God. If America should begin to depart from God, its blessings its prosperity and its protection shall be lifted up.  He said,

“…it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the universe, who presides in the councils of nations, and whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that His benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the people of the United States a Government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes, and may enable every instrument employed in its administration to execute with success the functions allotted to his charge.”

The warning was given on the Nation‘s first day, its day of dedication. After finishing the address and giving his warning, the first act of the American government was undertaken. It was this: After the address, Washington, and all the other officials, the Senators, the House of Representatives, the Vice President, all left the place of Inauguration, travelled on foot to a small church, a chapel, they went inside…and we don‘t know exactly what they said there we know they were there for one purpose. For two hours they prayed they committed they consecrated this nation into God‘s hands. The entire Protestant government was kneeling before God.

European Monarchs and the Vatican had been eyeing this day with trepidation, knowing that if the United States experiment would prove successful it meant their own demise as the bells of political liberty peeled across Europe. For centuries the Vatican had been engaged in a symbiotic relationship with Europe’s elite and then came Luther and now the political fruits of his act had been birthed. They needed to kill the baby before it became a man. Men like Thomas Jefferson, and John Quincy Adams were well aware of the hornet’s nest they kicked and gave repeated warnings to their future generations of what is required for the preservation of this birthright. In the fall of 1822, a mere 32 years into the life of a new political order, the representative’s of Russia, Prussia, France, Austria and the Vatican signed a treaty to combine their resources to put an end to representative popular government in every manner possible and they enlisted the resources of the Jesuits as the ones who were to implement the war. The Monarchs, led by Metternich of Austria, would provide the funds. Their first act was to ban the printing press across Europe; their second was wholesale suppression of political liberty in Spain using Austrian bayonets paid for by France. Their third was to flood the United States with Roman Catholic immigration, congregate them in the major cities of the North, organize them into political factions and then vote in their own biased men whose purpose was to eventually alter the Constitution in order to conform to Vatican authorised nationhood. To aid in this end they began to exert their influence into Latin America and Mexico. This led directly to the Monroe Doctrine.

As the 1830’s rolled into view the overt political influence of those who were still attached to monarchical autocratic government backed by the Vatican spurred the formation of the American Nativist Movement led by Professor Samuel F.B. Morse. Professor Morse, encouraged by President Monroe, went to Europe for 2 purposes, to sell his invention of telegraphic code and to uncover the European/Vatican plot against the United States. After a few years he returned with both a warning and a scathing indictment against the Vatican. In the meantime devout papists were occupying places of power; mayors, judges, police and on up the ladder to State and Congress. The priests were in charge of educating the people away from their attachment to the government or the nation’s principles as well as playing both sides of any emotional issue. As the Vatican was deeply involved in the slave trade Roman Catholic judges like Taney put the government endorsement on slavery while the priests preached for and against depending on their local congregation’s location. In the South they generally excused slavery as an instrument of God while in the North there was more of a lean towards begrudging emancipation. In the 1850’s the plan to remove the United States as one self sufficient nation in a position of enough power to threaten the system of Europe and attempt to replace it with 2 weaker nations who would have to borrow and then be in hock to the Jesuit/Rothschild banking empire was now formulated. Control of the currency meant control over the country. The money would buy the government. After at least 2 previous Presidential assassinations by the slave/monarchy/Vatican faction, then came Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln became well versed with the global power play in which the US was being used as a pawn. Maximilian was being placed by the Pope as king over Mexico, 15,000 French troops were being massed to eventually camp across the Rio Grande. In 1856 Lincoln defended a Roman priest in St. Anne, Illinois, named Charles Chiniquy, who was being framed by his bishop. During the trial the bishop was forced by Lincoln to unveil the Vatican Law regarding the treatment towards non-Catholics. It was a very damning day for the Vatican, and the Jesuits vowed on that day to kill him or hire someone to do it. This trial also created and cemented a very close friendship between Chiniquy and Lincoln. After Lincoln became president Chiniquy would pay him a visit once each year of his term. These visits would last several days and Chiniquy would inform Lincoln of the plots he was able to uncover by the Vatican to wreck the Republic and to murder Lincoln. He told Lincoln why Meade refused to chase after Lee, of Bishop Hughes in NY who instigated the draft riots, of Rome’s goal to install a monarchy in the Southern Confederacy allied with Maximilian. How Jesuit bankers, the Rothschilds, had plans to control the supply of money to be loaned to the people at interest, to control every level of government, and the dissemination of information. To subjugate and kneel to Rome. In the autumn of 1863 Jefferson Davis pleads publicly to the pope and the pope answers his cries. The result of the pope’s actions nearly ruins the North.

In 1865, when it became apparent that Lincoln had defeated the well laid plans of the Hapsburgs, the Jesuits and the Pope, they put the plan to remove the government and try to kick start the war all over again. According to the written testimony of Charles Chiniquy, Brig. Gen. T.M Harris [who was a judge at the trials of the assassins], 2 priests in Minnesota, a general store owner and Col. Edwin A. Sherman, the Jesuits had hired a special hit squad who were to kill Seward, Grant, Johnson and Lincoln. After the deed was done they were to find their way to Baltimore, meet up with a priest there, travel to NY and sail to Rome to there enlist in the Vatican Zouaves and be directly under the Pope’s protection. The escape plan and duties went haywire and the only one to escape was John H. Surratt. Surratt went to Montreal to be met by 2 priests. They hid Surratt just outside in Trois Rivieres for 5 months. From there they put him on a ship in disguise and under the name Watson. He landed in England and found his way to St. Mary’s Church in Liverpool. He was sent money from Canada and continued on to Rome where he became a Zouave. From the largest manhunt in US history, through the biggest attempt at flim-flam by the Vatican and finally on to Alexandria, Egypt, Surratt is finally arrested. The US brings him back to face the biggest miscarriage of justice to have ever faced the country. 2 separate hung juries. The US cuts off all diplomatic relations with the Vatican as a result of its involvement in the Lincoln assassination and the war.

"To [the principles of our government] nothing can be more opposed than the maxim of absolute (Catholic) monarchies. Yet from such we are to expect the greatest number of emigrants. They will bring with them the principles of the government they leave, imbibed in their early youth; In proprtion to their numbers they will share with us the legislation. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its directions, and render it a hetrogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass. I doubt the expediency of inviting them by extraordinary encouragements." - THOMAS JEFFERSON, Author of the Declaration of American Independence and Religious Liberty, Notes on Virginia

The Transformation of the Republic

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This website and my research is not intended to demonize the religion of the Roman Catholic Church or to be a commentary of its doctrines and beliefs. Rather, it is an examination of the political malfeasance of a foreign autocratic country [the Vatican] and certain members of its ambassadors [the Priesthood and particular Orders who hold their allegiance to the Vatican's politcal agenda in higher esteem than that of the country in which they reside]. My research chronicles their repeated attempts throughout recent history to undermine the independent autonomous countries wherein they reside - countries with their own sets of laws and systems of government [in this case, the USA], that are the polar opposite of their own autocracy.

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Kind Regards and May God Bless,
C.T. Wilcox

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